How To HIIT Legs

“Leg Workout, Just Using Your Bodyweight” 

Right dads! I love, you love, we all love leg day!

There are 100s of memes out there regarding leg day, and mostly it’s a jacked up guy with the tiniest little legs. Well, let’s do our best not to be that guy! So, let’s jump, lift, step, sit, pulse and glide our way to shaky leg syndrome. Who’s with me? I have compiled a HIIT leg workout for you to do at home. Mostly you need your bodyweight, but if you can also grab something heavy for the deadlift that would be great (I filled a gym bag full of cans and water bottles).

So just before we get going, I want to make it very clear that with any jumping or bouncing leg movements, we need to be spot on with our form. I don’t want any of us dads being out of action because we’ve allowed ourselves to push through with bad form.

Moving on to the workout, do each of these for 30 seconds and then 30 seconds rest before starting the next exercise. Do 2 rounds of this unless you are feeling macho then do 3 or 4 sets. Rest for one minute in between sets. So, with that being said, let’s begin!


This explosive movement is one of the best leg exercises you can do. At the same time, it can be one of the worst if not performed correctly. So listen up! Squat down and jump up (that’s the easy part). Land with soft feet taking the shock in through the balls of your feet and up through your knees. Keep this movement fluid and try not to stop much once you’ve got going.



Find something heavy (I’ve got my gym bag here). Square off your feet and keep your legs straight. With your shoulders back and your chest out, bend down with your weight. Keep your eyes level and looking forward. Your body should not go below the parallel.


If you’re worried about not having something heavy for the deadlifts, I had one client message me and say he was using the vacuum cleaner. So no excuses, we can all find something heavy in the house!



Exactly like a forward lunge, but in reverse. Start with your hands on your hips (they can be out wide for balance) and step backwards. You want to try and imagine two straight lines, like a train track. Try not to cross your feet over and keep them aligned.

#4 – WALL SIT:

The easiest to do, find a flat wall and sit on it… Ok a little bit more to it, but honestly it’s that easy.  Just try to keep at 90′ hips, knees and ankles.

Remember we only have 15 minutes, so no matter how much you want to stop and sit down to relax, you’ve got to keep going. I promise you will feel so much better for it in the end.



This is a horrible exercise and I want to apologise now for putting it in. Saying that, it’s great for our legs and especially our glutes. So let’s give it a go! Squat down to your “biting point” just where you can’t go down any further and then pulse. This is moving up and down about an inch. It’s going to burn and hurt, but you’ve got this! 



Bit of a strange feeling if you ask me, performing this exercise. One of those ones that you think to yourself…am I doing this right? Don’t worry, I feel like that all the time. Right, so, step out to the side with a straight leg whilst your non moving leg squats down. Bring the leg back in and go to the other side…Simple!


So, you made it all the way through the workout. Excellent! I bet you’re hating me right now, but hey, i’ll get over it. Ha! Doing this, can really help strengthen your legs, but it can quite easily hurt them as well. So I cannot emphasise enough to really watch your form. Preventing injury is key to a healthy lifestyle.


Want To See It In Action…


There is plenty more to learn about getting strong muscular legs. If you want to learn more join our 10XDads Free Facebook Group and see what other dads are doing to improve their healthy lifestyle and get rid of that dad bod. Click Here to watch the video of this leg HIIT workout.

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