Top 6 HIIT Ab Workouts

“How do I get 6 pack abs?”  

I get this question about a million times a day! Ok, i’m exaggerating, but you get it. We all want those shredded 6 pack abs and most of us think we can do some crunches here and there and then we will get them. Reality check dads, it’s not that easy. Have we heard, “abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, it’s true! Get this in check first, then you can add the exercise portion to support the plan to shredded abs. (Not sure how where to start with your nutrition, check out this Blog, “Beginners Guide to a Calorie Deficit“).

So, now that you are eating healthier, tracking your food and calories, focusing on your calorie deficit, now it’s time to get in that ab workout you’re so desperate for. Below is the one of the best ab HIIT workouts to get those toned, shredded abs you are seeking.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before beginning the next one. Do at least 2 rounds. If you’re up for it go for a 3rd or 4th round. So without further ado, here you are!



Balancing on your glutes, hold your feet about 6 inches off the floor. Rotate your torso from left to right, trying to keep yourself up off the floor and centred. You can make this harder by holding a weight or just something heavy.



A great all round exercise. You want to aim for, or as close to, being in one straight line. From ankles all the way through to your shoulders. Imagine someone attached a piece of string to your belly button and they are pulling it up through your back. That’s the feeling you get when you know your core is engaged.


No one single ab exercise will give you a 6 pack, like no one bad meal will make you fat. It is a combination of sustained exercise, losing body fat and healthy eating. If you want a 6 pack, then eat better and train more!



You’ll get a nice burn in the abs with this one. The aim here is to connect your elbow with the opposite knee or close enough, whilst the other leg is out straight.



Ahhhhhhh, this one gets you. Again, balancing on your glutes, lift your feet up off the ground. This time move one foot over the other and repeat as fast as your body allows. If you need to, you can put your hands down for support and you’ll still get a good burn!


So, we all agree, that abs are made in the kitchen and shaped with exercise. You could perform 100 sit ups a day for 100 days, but if you’re eating the wrong foods and still carrying over 15% body fat you will not see abs.


#5 – BURPEES: 

Don’t just love them? Get down, jump out, jump in, jump up. What’s not to love? No time-wasting here, we all hate burpees, I know but they’re amazing for us and need to be done. Get to it!



The easiest one of the lot, but still super important. Bring your feet in towards your heels, just close enough so you can reach them. Keep your back straight and reach for each heel.


So, you made it all the way through the workout. Let’s agree ab workouts shouldn’t be our go to workout for any sort of weight loss. They are great as an addition or add-on to a full body workout. So use this as a finisher.

Want To See It In Action…


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