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This form asks some deep questions as well as some obvious ones. Please answer them all honestly and openly to get the most out of this experience. Once you've submitted this form you'll be taken straight to my diary. Book a time for us to chat through what you've put down and we'll start to create your blueprint and get you ready to take action towards your goals.

It's important to understand that getting the body you want and keeping it off has to fit in with your overall life. Its necessary to discover what overall influences are going on in your life to really make the right recommendations, set the right goals and give you a plan that will produce results as fast as possible and be sustainable.

This could take 30 mins or so to complete. There is a save and continue feature but I suggest completing it in one go. So stick on a brew, kick back and this is the first step in getting rid of the overweight, tired and disappointed guy looking back in the mirror each morning.

​We're unable to start designing your bespoke program until we have the blueprint call.

To your results - Simon

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