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Expert Transformation Coach For Dads

 Reveals How YOU Can Get In The Best Physical & Mental Shape Of Your Life 

To Become The Fittest, Strongest & Leanest  Version Of You!!!

Dear fellow Dad...

If you’re reading this, there's a reason why. And it’s most likely because you’re…

  • Stressed out, fed up and FRUSTRATED. dedicating every ounce of your time, effort and energy to provide for your family and struggling to find the energy and time to keep up with the kids each day, let alone to get to the gym.
  • Overweight and out of shape. You’ve let it ‘slip’ over the past few months despite seeing (and feeling) the warning signs. Nor have you kept the promise you made yourself to never don the  "dadbod’ on the beach with the man boobs and belly.
  • You beat yourself up everyday because all you really want to do is be the man your partner deserves, the BEST role model to your kids and that guy who is physically and mentally strong to be there for his family.
  • Tired of waking up in the morning full of aches, pains & regrets.  Looking in the mirror and feeling disappointed with the out of shape, tired looking shadow of your former self looking back, knowing you've not done anything about it. 

It's Every Dads Dream Right? That’s How You Thought It Would Be?

To have a kick around in the park with your kids and be the role model every dads wants to. Who walks the walk and leads by example they can be as fit, strong and healthy as their Dad?

To be ‘that guy’ at work who everyone turns to for health and fitness advice because you’re in such great shape and they want to know the secret to ‘how you’ve done it’.

Or maybe you just want your partner to lust after you like they used to. Before you let yourself go. You know how hard they work to provide for you and your family and you know they deserves the best and you want to give it to them right?

You Can’t IGNORE This Anymore... 

You CAN still become the ultimate version of you. The fit, strong husband and dad whose partner looks up to him and kids want to be as strong as him. You CAN still get into the Best Physical & Mental Shape Of You Life!

But only if you act now and fight back against:

  • Chronic health problems like diabetes, heart attacks and high blood pressure 
  • A lack of ‘sexiness’ or attractiveness towards your partner
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety and high stress levels
  • Constant fatigue, low energy levels and no stamina
  • Lack of quality sleep that drains you even more
  • More and more unsightly and embarrassing fat that you can't hide without baggy clothes
  • Falling testosterone levels that are adding to your low sex drive and anxiety about being intimate
  • Failing strength that makes it hard to do the jobs you're used to do without breaking a sweat
  • BUT THE WORST PART... This is all happening RIGHT NOW. This very second as you read this. And It will continue for the rest of today, tomorrow and everyday after until YOU STEP UP AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s been going on long enough. It’s unfair and it’s down right evil. But it’s the truth.

It’s your body's last chance to repair the damage done and give yourself the BEST chance to be around as long as possible for your loved ones and look and feel amazing while doing it!

And The True Cost Of Staying The Same...

I want you to meet My Main Man John…

John came to me on the verge of being heavily medicated for diabetes weighing over 320lbs+

At the time, John was simply trying to survive but was struggling with his weight and growing waistline, losing control and getting further away from where he wanted to be….Fit, Healthy and Happy.

Then something rather drastic happened. The doctor told John the next time they saw each other he was going to be put on medication to ‘help him’ survive. And as you can imagine, he felt desperate and was ready to give up on his dream of being fit and healthy again.

"Then I discovered Simon. At that point, everything changed! I discovered how to take a better interest in my nutrition, exercise properly and that my mindset had to be fully inline with my goals to stay motivated"

Since working with me, John was able to remove the guilt associated with dieting. He’s been able to start exercising the right way to get better results faster.

"Now I'm living my dream of being fit and healthy again, having lost over to 100 lbs. I never have to worry about medication or going back to the doctors ever again."

You can watch/listen to what John had to say below

And The Secret Behind John’s Transformation To Becoming a 10X Dad?

John - along with hundreds of other clients I’ve helped simply got started, took small daily steps to experience rapid change. This coupled with my weekly 1-1 support and guidance produced the life changing (and lasting) results he’d always thought were out of reach!

He almost “settled’ for what he looked like and the daily struggle feeling like crap. Who can blame him? 99% of dads at his age accept and give into that inevitable decline in life.

Well...I can tell you for sure that ‘most Dads’ are dead wrong

Are you in that 1% who refuse to accept “This is it?” or do you want to accelerate your results?

You’re Probably Wondering Who I Am and Why You Should You Listen to Me...

Hi. I'm Simon, nice to 'meet' you. Helping Dads transform their lives is something that’s very close to me. My Dad was a huge influence on me and when he passed away, I felt I should have been there for him to help him with his health and fitness.

Before he passed I had just left the country to go live in Canada. However after just 2 months he past away. This left a huge hole in me and our family and since then I’ve tried to slowly let go of the guilt it left and live up to his legacy. I’m passionate about honouring him and what he did for me and making the person/partner/dad I am today. He was the energetic, healthy and strong leader of our family - and I want exactly the same for you. To be that role model. To be fit and healthy.

I’ve not shared this for sympathy but instead you know I’m here to help you because I actually give a shit.

My drive, determination and commitment to YOU goes deeper than just looking good. I want you to hold your head up with pride that you’ve become the strongest, fittest, leanest & healthiest version of you. Just like I am trying to do for my beautiful wife and gorgeous kids.

That’s why I’ve decided to package up all my PROVEN training, nutrition, mindset and accountability knowledge that I’ve gained over the many years helping hundreds of Dads just like you to accelerate their results and transform their health, body, confidence and energy levels.

If you feel you’re banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to your health and fitness, not knowing where to start or what to do, I want to help you.

Introducing Version 3.0

Our Platinum Online Dads Transformation Program 

Into our 3rd Upgrade of my 12 week online transformation program specifically for Dads just like you who are to committed to unlocking a strongest, fittest, leanest, healthiest version of themselves in the 40’s than in their 20’s!

And here is your chance to help test it out for me FOR FREE!

3 SPECIALIST PHASES of tailored nutrition, training and mindset with personal accountability to me that will transform your understanding of what REALLY IS POSSIBLE now matter how long much you’ve let yourself go.

Phase ONE

With my step by step guidance and proven nutrition and training system we’re going to trigger your body into restarting it’s fat burning processes and reverse the year's of neglect both physically and mentally. Not only will you start to look and feel amazing but those around you will love the confident, energetic and positive dad and husband they’ve not seen in long time.

Phase TWO

Now we’ve put the foundations in place and your body and mind is primed for accelerated growth in all aspects of your life. We’re not just going to rebuild your physique, We’re going to rebuild the way you think and behave on a day to day basis. You will create an entirely new version of yourself that will be unstoppable both in your personal and professional life! You may not see it now, but this all leads to peak performance in all aspects of your life, not just physically. 


Now you become limitless. You’ve proven to yourself, your family and any doubters who didn't believe you had it in you that you have what it takes to be so much BETTER THAN AVERAGE and FEEL TRULY UNSTOPPABLE. You’ll have the confidence, physical strength and mental drive to take on new fitness, life and work challenges like never before and you'll seek to push the boundaries on what you can do next. 

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Ready To Become Unstoppable Like These Dads Did On Version 1.0 & 2.0


Here’s What You’re Going to Get On The FREE Testing Place…

Complete and unrestricted access to Phase One for FREE.

  • Your Personalised Blueprint. This is the foundation of all the personalised training, nutrition and accountability steps I am going to plan out for you. This is about getting to know the real you. Finding out what really motivates or holds you back so I can be one step ahead of you throughout your transformation journey. We create 30, 60 and 90 days that form the basis for our weekly progress call.
  • Weekly Progress Call. You’re going to get the support you need every week in order to transform your life every step of the way. I’ll be there to answer any questions you may have and ensure we stay on track to hit the targets we’ve set.
  • Easy to Follow, Home or Gym Based Training Program. A simple, down to earth approach to getting in shape whether you prefer to train in the gym or can only train at home. The training program you’ll get is clear and easy to follow so you’ll never find yourself stuck. Set out to fit around your busy life you can be sure to stay consistent and committed to guarantee amazing results in the shortest time possible.
  • State Of The Art Online Program. Access to your program anywhere in the world whenever you need it via my APP. With demo videos for every exercise and a place to record all your sets, weights, reps, progress photos and body stats you’ll never be left wondering what you should be doing, how to do it and the results it’s producing so you can progress faster than you ever thought possible.
  • A Nutrition Blueprint For Life. You’re going to see phenomenal changes over the course of the program - there’s no doubt about that. But where this program is different than most others available today, you’re going to get a nutritional system to keep your results for the rest of your life. It’s the answer to long lasting, sustainable change to a healthy lifestyle. No longer will nutrition feel like a ‘chore’ - it simply becomes part of your life and what you do. It doesn’t leave you eating chicken and broccoli 7 days a week, giving up the foods you love or your valuable time off with endless hours of food prep.
  • Access to Our Support Community Group. Sure you could try and do this all on your own, but what if you have a day where you simply don’t feel motivated or inspired? And that’s exactly why I created the community group. It’s a place where Dads can provide support and insights along your journey. These are people who’ve been through - and are on the same journey as you are. A private and closed group where you can talk openly about the things holding you back. Share your wins and stay motivated.
  • The Tools to Succeed. I’ve made sure that you’ve got everything you need to succeed. This program will give you complete flexibility to exercise wherever and whenever you need. You’ll have complete flexibility to exercise around your busy life and be in total control of your body and results. I’ll give you all the tools you need so you can start living life the way YOU want. A life with increased energy all day every day, where you can feel better about yourself because you’re confidence has skyrocketed through the roof and be the role model you’ve always wanted to be for your kids.
  • Automated Food Tracking. Tracking your food can be a chore. We all know that. So I’ll be giving you access to my step by step nutrition tracking guide which you can use all within your mobile phone. What’s more is each day all your nutrition tracking data will automatically sync with your program in my app so you and show us exactly how you’re progressing against the targets we set.
  • An Opportunity to Challenge Yourself. Overcoming adversity and achieving your goals is such a great feeling! With the support you’ll get once you join the program, you’ll have a safety net underneath you so you can finally commit 100% to something without the fear of failure or looking stupid because it didn't work out.
  • Fits Into Your Life Easily. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, training until you’re blue in the face seven days a week - that’s insanity. You won’t be spending hours in the kitchen weighing and measuring all your food out for the week ahead. The system I will show you is a simple but highly effective way of training and eating healthily so you’re able to commit to the program even if you’ve got a busy schedule.

This is all the best bits in one place. None of the fluff just all my strategies and tactics on a plate for you try for free in return for tracking the results.

And I Guarantee Your Success... GUARANTEE IT!

I am right by your side! I’m going to hold you accountable every step of the way.

I am here to support and educate you, however I will push and challenge you!


I call and spade a spade and kick you the motivation you need to succeed. No man is left behind! 

So, when it gets tough you’ll be surrounded by the other 10X Dad’s in our Academy  who will pick you up and get you back on track like only those who have been through it know how.

Together we’ll smash through and crush

  • Low motivation
  • The Fear Of Failing
  • Confusing and Conflicting Advice
  • Lack of Time

Why am I offering this to you for FREE? Because the best way to find out the true potential of a new and improved program is to test it on mass and discover just how life changing the results can be. For years I’ve ran different types of online transformation programs but nothing as extensive, advanced and as comprehensive as this. This is all the best bits in one place. None of the fluff just all my strategies and tactics on a plate for you take try for free in return for tracking the results.

Become 10X By Reserving A 


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Applications Close In:


John: "I can't say enough good things about Simon, he did saved my life! It's been life-changing and an awakening inside of me"

Scott: "Its been one of the best things I've done since I had my boy"

Luke: "I've gained a knowledge of what my diet should look like, it's been an amazing time I'm gonna continue it and Simon is going to give you the confidence to go and succeed!"

"Will It Work For Me?"

That’s the big question and what everything boils down to right?

Firstly, this transformation program is all about helping you master the basic principles for long lasting, sustainable health and vitality.

It’s got nothing to do with all the silly and ineffective short term ‘fat blasting’ workouts or miracle Superfoods.

No Tricks. No Bull. Just Straight Up Simple Principles to Get You The Fastest Results Possible.

It’s the same principles my friend John used to go from being borderline obese at 320lbs and critically close to becoming diabetic to being in the best shape of his life and dropping 100lbs of unwanted weight.

It’s not about yo-yo dieting, it’s all about sustainable results. The best plan is always the one that YOU can stick to. That’s why we’ll never just hand you a cookie cutter nutrition program and leave you to it.

The training program and nutrition system you will follow is designed in a way to work for anyone at any level. Each workout has clear progressions and alternatives.

My Final Message To YOU...

The 10X Dads Transformation Program will help you, no matter what your size, shape or form. Even if you think you’ve tried everything in the past but you haven’t managed to sustain your results.

You don’t have to figure out what is the best exercises, reps, weights and sessions to do to get rapid but sustainable results - I’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

You no longer have to wing it with food. Taking a chance on what you should or should not be eating - I’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

It doesn’t matter how much free time you think you don’t have OR what setbacks you might have experienced in the past trying to get in great shape - ​I’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

The way I will show you is safe, simple, easy to follow and highly effective.

This is a complete no brainer for you. By offering you one of the 20 free spaces I am totally removing the risk for you. You can be 100% sure that if you apply and get of the 20 places I will give you EVERYTHING I have to get you back control of your body, energy, confidence and all the areas of your life they impact.