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Here's How Its Going To Work For YOU & The 1000's Of Dads Before You...

Dear fellow Dad...

Day in, day out dads inside the Academy are losing weight, building strength and working together as a team to be success. 

Our Academy Program is designed for the busy dads, "the real dads".  The dads who work long hours, have long lists of responsibilities, who are constantly busy, but want to find the time and energy to get in the best possible shape and be that dad they want to be. 

With the 10X Dads Coaching Academy you will get access to our:

✅ - Members ONLY training app with 100s of different training programs for you to do at the gym or at home all in your pocket ready to go with the tap of your phone.  

✅ - Membership site with 100s of different Recipes ideas for you to try at home.

✅ - Continued daily support, like having your very own PT in your pocket.

✅ - Nutrition coaching & training videos. 

💥 - PLUS you'll get that all important competitive edge back with our "Game Style Fitness" - this is the exact system I have been using to transform the lives of many dads before you. 

With the 10X Dads Coaching Academy you will get fast, but long lasting sustainable results, better than any other face to face PT or Online 21-day detox program. 

It's Every Dads Dream RIGHT?

What You Will Find Out Here Today:

  • What You Get When You Join The X-Academy
  • A Simple Nutrition System To Plug & Play For Life
  • What To Expect In With Your FREE 7-Days
  • What It Looks Like To Stick To A Plan
  • How To Exercise Around Your Busy Life

Strategy Call + FREE Workout Plan

And The True Cost Of Staying The SAME...

I want you to meet John…

John came to me on the verge of being heavily medicated for diabetes weighing over 310lbs.

At the time, John was simply trying to survive but was struggling with his weight and growing waistline, losing control and getting further away from where he wanted to be….Fit, Healthy and Happy.

Then something rather drastic happened. The doctor told John the next time they saw each other he was going to be put on medication to ‘help him’ survive. And as you can imagine, he felt desperate and was ready to give up on his dream of being fit and healthy again.

"Then I discovered Simon. At that point, everything changed! I discovered how to take a better interest in my nutrition, exercise properly and that my mindset had to be fully inline with my goals to stay motivated"

Since working with me, John was able to remove the guilt associated with dieting. He’s been able to start exercising the right way to get better results faster.

"Now I'm living my dream of being fit and healthy again, having lost close to 100 lbs. I never have to worry about medication or going back to the doctors ever again."

Ready To Become An Unstoppable 10X Dad Like These Already Have?

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Here’s What You’re Going to Get In The Academy…

Complete and unrestricted access to:


A simple, down to earth approach to getting in shape whether you prefer to train in the gym or can only train at home. The training program you’ll get is clear and easy to follow so you’ll never find yourself stuck. Set out to fit around your busy life you can be sure to stay consistent and committed to guarantee amazing results in the shortest time possible.


Access to your program anywhere in the world whenever you need it via my APP. With demo videos for every exercise and a place to record all your sets, weights, reps, progress photos and body stats you’ll never be left wondering what you should be doing, how to do it and the results it’s producing so you can progress faster than you ever thought possible.


You’re going to see phenomenal changes over the course of the program - there’s no doubt about that. But where this program is different than most others available today, you’re going to get a nutritional system to keep your results for the rest of your life. It’s the answer to long lasting, sustainable change to a healthy lifestyle. No longer will nutrition feel like a ‘chore’ - it simply becomes part of your life and what you do. It doesn’t leave you eating chicken and broccoli 7 days a week, giving up the foods you love or your valuable time off with endless hours of food prep.


Sure you could try and do this all on your own, but what if you have a day where you simply don’t feel motivated or inspired? And that’s exactly why I created the community group. It’s a place where Dads can provide support and insights along your journey. These are people who’ve been through - and are on the same journey as you are. A private and closed group where you can talk openly about the things holding you back. Share your wins and stay motivated.


I’ve made sure that you’ve got everything you need to succeed. This program will give you complete flexibility to exercise wherever and whenever you need. You’ll have complete flexibility to exercise around your busy life and be in total control of your body and results. I’ll give you all the tools you need so you can start living life the way YOU want. A life with increased energy all day every day, where you can feel better about yourself because you’re confidence has skyrocketed through the roof and be the role model you’ve always wanted to be for your kids.


Tracking your food can be a chore. We all know that. So I’ll be giving you access to my step by step nutrition tracking guide which you can use all within your mobile phone. What’s more is each day all your nutrition tracking data will automatically sync with your program in my app so you and show us exactly how you’re progressing against the targets we set.


Overcoming adversity and achieving your goals is such a great feeling! With the support you’ll get once you join the program, you’ll have a safety net underneath you so you can finally commit 100% to something without the fear of failure or looking stupid because it didn't work out.


You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, training until you’re blue in the face seven days a week - that’s insanity. You won’t be spending hours in the kitchen weighing and measuring all your food out for the week ahead. The system I will show you is a simple but highly effective way of training and eating healthily so you’re able to commit to the program even if you’ve got a busy schedule.

This is all the best bits in one place. None of the fluff just all my strategies and tactics on a plate for you and you can test drive them all?

Strategy Call + FREE Workout Plan

I am right by your side! 

I’m going to hold you accountable every step of the way.

I’m going to get you RESULTS! 

Using my state of the art app means I can track your sessions and nutrition every day so you can never just “fall off the wagon”. I won’t let you fail. Everyday I see you miss a session I’ll be in touch to find out why within hours. Every time you hit a new personal best or hit a new target I’ll be there to congratulate you.

When it gets tough you’ll be surrounded by the Unstoppable Dad’s who will pick you up and get you back on track like only those who have been through it know how.

Together we’ll smash through and crush

  • Low motivation
  • The Fear Of Failing
  • Confusing and Conflicting Advice
  • Lack of Time

John: "I can't say enough good things about Simon, he did saved my life! It's been life-changing and an awakening inside of me"

Scott: "Its been one of the best things I've done since I had my boy"

Luke: "I've gained a knowledge of what my diet should look like, it's been an amazing time I'm gonna continue it and Simon is going to give you the confidence to go and succeed!"

"Will It Work For Me?"

That’s the big question and what everything boils down to right?

Firstly, this transformation program is all about helping you master the basic principles for long lasting, sustainable health and vitality.

It’s got nothing to do with all the silly and ineffective short term ‘fat blasting’ workouts or miracle Superfoods.

No Tricks. No Bull. Just Straight Up Simple Principles to Get You The Fastest Results Possible.

It’s the same principles my friend John used to go from being borderline obese at 310lbs and critically close to becoming diabetic to being in the best shape of his life and dropping 100lbs of unwanted weight.

It’s not about yo-yo dieting, it’s all about sustainable results. The best plan is always the one that YOU can stick to. That’s why we’ll never just hand you a cookie cutter nutrition program and leave you to it.

The training program and nutrition system you will follow is designed in a way to work for anyone at any level. Each workout has clear progressions and alternatives.

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Strategy Call + FREE Workout Plan